Hook up vtec light

Well, i made myself a vtec light to tell me when it engages it was easy i started to take pitures, but then i broke the first attempt so the second try, i didn't take pictures, but i think i can explain the process well enough. You can go about this vtec light two different ways actually, there's two different wires you can hook up to the first method is going through the ecu you want to do first get under the right side of the passenger seat and towards the back is a bundle of wires going through the firewall. Yeah you can hook up a led light one side to vtec signal wire and the other to a ground location 97 cherokee se, 3 lift, 31x1050's on soft 8's 83 rx-7 wide body, 4-port 13b street-ported, cartech turbo system with blow through carbs.

Add up the wattage of all the light bulbs you’ll be dimming then read the dimmer package to make sure it can handle the load heavy-duty 1,000- and 1,500-watt dimmers are also readily available. Maybe we can rig up spark plug lights have an led that blinks for each cylinder, shit would be tight real wheels stock wheels steelies rotas wagon wheels. Here i show you how to wire up vtec in ol' project s#it box and guess what no check engine lights.

Wire this up so that you have access to check your engine codes the obd0 has a led on the ecu and the obd1 you must jumper the check engine light to flash the codes hooking this up with allow you to check the codes through the check engine light with the ease of flipping a toggle switch.

-after mounting the light hook the red wire you baught up to the (+) wire on the led run this wire through your firewall and to your vtec solenoid, hiding it is up to you (i used the other method) if you've ever wired an amp or anything, you'll know how to hide it. Virginia beach, va posts: let you car warm up so after you have a stock hook up vtec light, plug this one into the stock ecu harness plugs and lets go: most large capacity injectors are available in peak and hold form - about 2 ohms impedance, whereas most stock injectors from about 92 on are saturated ohms impedance.

I have a honda vtec b18c1 4cy dohc engine i bought an inductive craftsman timing light (non dial type just basic) all wires form into a electrical plug that goes into timing light one wire has a little clamp to be hooked on to the #1 ignition wire ( close as possible to the spark plug boot) the other two wires consist of a red clamp and a blk clamp.

On the sohc vtec sites they are hooked up to rpm activated boxes, i was thinking of using my sport comp tach with the ext light do i have to hook up my oil press sensor if so how to what. Best answer: the only thing you do is get an si, ex, or vx engine wiring harness and replace the lx harness the wires for vtec are already ran through to the engine bay you just need to get one of those wiring harnesses to hook it up to the motor.

Hook up vtec light
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